Weekly Wishes :: One

I have stopped counting my days of Free Agency because it just makes me sad. Instead I'm trying everything I can to stay positive about everything else. So I'm joining what seems to be the most uplifting community link up there could be -- The Nectar Collective's Weekly Wishes

The Nectar Collective

Since it's the first Monday of the month, I'm going to do weekly wishes + monthly goals. Let's start with the wishes!

wish one:: get out of the house -- I spend so much time sitting in the living room job hunting. I probably go a couple of days without leaving the house in a row. It can't be healthy + it makes me feel like a crazy person. So even if it's just driving to Starbucks up the road to apply for jobs from there --  I'm going to leave the house every day this week + weekend. 

wish two:: clean my room -- I have absolutely no excuse for my room to be so messy because I've rarely been leaving the house. I cleaned out my closet last week -- but that process made my room messy. It's a super small room so it doesn't take anything for it to be messy. 

wish three:: get to the courthouse + drop off my passport paperwork. I keep putting this off + I was given enough money to pay for it for my birthday -- all I need to do is get my picture made at walgreens + hang out at the courthouse. I even have all of the paperwork put together, copied, + in my car. 

goal one:: don't drink any soft drinks. I have a serious caffeine addiction -- but I'm not worried about it. I really just want to see if I can do no cokes for an entire month. Obviously starting today since I had about four yesterday... 

goal two:: find + join a gym. This will also help with the whole "get out of the house" wish. As I've said before, I have no excuse to be lazy + I'm trying out the whole Tone It Up lifestyle. So I'm combining those goals. Paying for that membership should also motivate me a little bit to get to the gym. 

goal three:: attempt + document a few more pinterest projects. Since I pinned my "DIY Cork Shadowbox" entry -- I've had a lot of traffic to that post. Apparently it's actually helping people with their own shadow box projects. So I should obviously do more fun crafts. 


  1. Hello Kasey!
    Jennifer from Ele Cute here. Kimberly and I also just did our first Weekly Wishes!
    My side of the room is perpetually messy so its good that you are cleaning your room up! My room is not particularly small, but I share with my brother...at least my mess is on my side of the room... I hope you achieve all of your wishes.
    Let's cheer each other on!

    1. I cannot imagine sharing a room with either of my brothers -- I do believe we would kill each other! Good luck with your wishes as well -- I know we can do it!

    2. My brother is a gamer, so as long as he can sit at his desk with his three computer monitors he is happy. He doesn't mind the mess as long as it doesn't come alive and interfere with his league of legends gaming. And ha ha yes we can! See ya next week!

  2. hello! just stopping by from weekly wishes!

    hope you have a great week, and good luck with all your goals!

    1. thanks for stopping by! best of luck with your wishes + goals as well -- I totally feel you on all of the clutter.

  3. Hi! Welcome to weekly wishes!!! I feel you on procrastinating the passport stuff. It felt like such a drag when I had to do mine! But it's actually not so bad and if you show up early enough with everything prepared you're in and you're out in no time! Good luck this week Kasey!!

  4. Welcome to Weekly Wishes! These sound like some great goals! Good luck!