Fan Friday: Super Bowl Commercials

Venus Trapped in Mars

So, I'm a Falcons fan + there is absolutely zero chance of my dirty birds making it anywhere near the Super Bowl this year -- unless we're talking highlights of the last time the Broncos were in the Super Bowl (which was also played the weekend after my birthday...) So as far as I'm concerned this year it's about the snacks, drinking games (like this winner Venus came up with), + the commercials.

Also I don't think I care who wins this year either -- if the Broncos win I'll be pumped for Peyton + Knowshon. If the Seahawks win, I'll be pumped for their first Super Bowl win + those fun colors they have. Win Win for me!

It's been easily 5 or so years since this was a Super Bowl Commercial -- but for some reason it's still my absolute favorite.

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burritos at 4 am parties that never end and and and twiiiiiiins 

Oh man. I was going to write up about how much it costs vs. the possible reward of purchasing a Super Bowl ad but when I googled to find the actual rate they were going for this year I found this article that has like ALL of the Super Bowl ads for this year (um. spoiler much?) but I stopped with Ellen because she used my logic "it's my birthday + it's my show so I get to do what I want." So we have an early frontrunner for my favorite commercial.

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  1. Isn't it weird that all year long we try to avoid commercials at all costs but when Superbowl comes we get so psyched to see whats new?! Love the Ellen commercial already!

    1. I love love Ellen + her dancing so I was definitely predisposed to like her commercial!