Free Agency Survival -- Or How to Survive Unemployment

Today is day 52 of Free Agency (I haven't quite decided if I should capitalize that or not...) and I'm still hopeful that a team will pick me up soon. That being said -- I have had a job since I was 15 years old. I have always worked + having all of this free time is new to me. To be honest? I'm incredibly bored. I apply for anywhere between 5 - 10 jobs every week but that's not nearly enough to keep me occupied. So here are some things that I have found help me get through the lull in activity.

Rediscover Your Pinterest Obsessions:
Remember when Pinterest first surfaced + you sat for hours scrolling through pins + planning dream weddings, setting outrageous fitness goals, pinning recipes you would never try but want people to think you're going to.

For example -- I have one titled Offseason Projects with tons of arts + crafts ideas that I've never had the time to do. I have the time now, but I can't guarantee I'll be successful with any of the projects. They're nice to imagine + you can spend hours on Pinterest...

Learn a New Hobby
Technically, this blog is my new hobby. I'm also stalking the internet for how-to tips on Photoshop + Web Design. I know the basics -- but I'm a little rusty. So the layout here will probably change on a weekly basis until I get something super fun. For example -- it took me like seven tries to make my "About Me" graphic one I liked..

Work Out
I could completely + 100% spend my entire day laying in my bed eating cookie dough + getting fat. By that same logic -- I have no good excuse to not be physically active. I have all day to do whatever. I struggle a little bit with the whole home workout -- but I'm trying to wait out the "New Years Resolution" gym members. Instead I try these ridiculous workouts I find on -- you guessed it -- Pinterest.
obviously if it helps new mommies have better abs, it will help mine?
I have always been an avid reader -- but usually my reading is limited to poolside on rare off-days in the summer. Lately? Plenty of time to read! I read the entire Divergent series in three days. I highly recommend it even though it will break your heart. 

Originally when I started this post I was going to make lots of jokes -- like keep the liquor cabinet stocked because Jose Cuervo is always your friend, watch cartoons in your underwear, + other ridiculous things. Somehow it turned into something productive instead of funny. So there's that!

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