I REALLY Want To Be Selfish.... But..

Today is my birthday. We're not going to talk about how old I am -- because I refuse to admit I passed 22. There's also a crippling snowstorm gripping the entire state. Which also isn't unusual for my birthday.

I probably caused this snowstorm -- let's be for real. Every. Single. Time. I make birthday plans it snows, or it freezes, or there is some outrageous storm that keeps me from celebrating. Then I can't even be sad or grouchy or any kind of a brat about it because there are people who have been in their cars for over 24 hours + people who weren't as lucky as me to be home, drinking beer, next to a fire last night.

Lucy is mid-air at this point...
I'm using this platform to be outrageously, incredibly selfish because if I use any other form of social media I will feel guilty, people will judge me.

All I wanted for my birthday was a job, to go to Sweetwater + dinner with my friends tonight. Big loud rowdy 25th birthday -- right? Outrageous. Mother Nature had so many other plans + I am just thankful that our neighborhood watering hole was open because it's a family place + the family can walk to the restaurant.

On that note -- I learned they make a cinnamon flavored tequila + I urge anyone + everyone who doesn't know that it's cinnamon flavored to stay away. I will enjoy the occasional Fireball whiskey (+pick a fight -- one day I'll explain how whiskey makes me pick fights rather than "frisky" like Luke Bryan says) but I was expecting a tequila shot -- they even gave me salt + a lime. Moral of this story -- don't drive in Georgia snow + don't drink cinnamon tequila.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Im decade older than you...you are as young as you feel...lol.

    xoxo, K.Lee

  2. Happy Birthday!! Feel as selfish as you want - it's your birthday, darnit!

    And I'm actually 27 but still tell people I'm 23 - it also helps that without makeup and heels I look like a middle school student. Okay, well I don't know if that could count as helping...

    ♥ Duckie.

    1. I like it. As long as people will accept that I say I'm 22 -- I'm going with it. My grandmother still claims to be 29 -- so I think it's fair!