Four Reasons Snowboarders Should Be My Valentines

So, Shaun White may not have medaled in Sochi (which was probably the most heartbreaking thing to know while watching him do interviews before the finals) he's still a winner in my eyes. Which is why today we're talking about why snowboarders are, to quote Ben Franklin, put on the Earth because God loves us + he wants us to be happy. Since Buzzfeed already did Reasons Why Greg Bretz Should Be Your Valentine --- I'm just giving you the extra reasons you should love them all.

one :: they do incredible, gravity defying things like this:
 + this:
two :: they look incredibly handsome. Just all the time. Part of it totally has to be the whole "bad boy" thing that goes with the sport. Oh man. Just. Just look:

Richard Bord/Getty Images
Image via UT San Diego
three :: they're adorably sweet + spending time with kids who survived cancer. Shaun White jumped the barricades to meet these kids. HE JUMPED INTO THE STANDS TO MEET THESE KIDS. Athletes always get a lot of press for being sweet to kids -- but usually they require some kind of encouragement. I'm gathering [from this article] that he saw those kids + knew they were the Make-A-Wish kids + took it upon himself to just hope up + head on over there. It was only mentioned that he should pass by on his side of the barricades -- but nope -- little nugget that he is hopped the barricades + went over there. OH he gave them snobowboards.
four :: they clean up really well. Have you seen Shaun White looking all dapper on Letterman? 
So really -- I want Shaun White to be my Valentine -- I can probably share the rest of them with y'all. Happy Valentine's Day!! Linking up with Venus + Helene for Valentines day + adding some jams with Whitney.
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  1. totally agree. there are some fine looking men at the olympics this year. so glad i know someone as into the olympics as me!!

    1. I mean -- I'm not saying it's the only reason I like the olympics -- but it's definitely a motivating factor!

  2. Shaun White really came into his own.

    Kind of like Prince Harry.

    1. Oh I do love Prince Harry! Admitting I have a thing for redheads might be the next step..