July Through The Lens

I refuse REFUSE to accept that it's August. I just flat refuse. WHERE did my summer go? I haven't gone down the river yet! I did paddle board up it though! If you're ever up in Rome (Georgia..) you have to check out River Dog Paddle Co. First of all, there are puppies in the store. Second of all there is beer. Third of all, they're the best people. Also the guides on the river know what's happening. I had so much fun. AND I DIDN'T FALL OFF. All of those barre classes are apparently improving my balance maan. ANYWAYS. let's see what happened in July through my insta feed + iPhone camera roll....
Celebrating Josh being home on leave // soggy Peachtree finisher photo shoot, pre-paddle boarding selfies // baseball games // sunsets // my very fist ever King of Pops // a throwback to my first Jeep! 
FALL OUT BOY because I'm secretly never growing up // Varuni Napoli on Monroe HAS PROSECCO ON TAP // one of my many wine grams. #lemmewineaboutit // cotton candy skies <3 // Bear walks // I DIED. I love bar chalkboard signs maaan // PADDLE BOARDING WITHOUT FALLING IN THE WATER! // national tequila day - duh // MY LITTLE BROTHER IS 14. I felt so old.

I guess after all of that I can kind of believe it's August. BUT STILL GUYs. I cannot believe it. What did your July look like????? Are we instagram friends?! 

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