My Top Five Most Ridiculous Google Searches

Guys. Sometimes I say, out loud, "what was the world like before Google?" EVEN THOUGH I remember plenty of life before google. I remember the AOL CD-ROMs, I REMEMBER A WORLD BEFORE INTERNET. I don't know why I'm shouting that. It makes me feel old. 

I digress. Today, as I was googling "what time is it in Arizona" for the fourth time of the day, I thought "I google the dumbest things. I bet people who read my blog would laugh at this. HEY NOW I HAVE SOMETHING TO BLOG ABOUT!" Since I've been pretty dry on the whole inspiration well because most things that happen to me lately aren't worth blogging about.  

Here are my top five [most recent] most ridiculous Google searches -- full disclosure: I also say okay google.. out loud before I type them in. #imsocool 

Okay google:
  1. What time is it in Arizona? (I struggle pretty hard with the fat that they don't do daylight savings time. I also struggle with which time is daylight savings. is it when we spring forward until we fall back? or when we fall back until we spring forward? BEN FRANKLIN YOU'RE THE WORST.)
  2. What comes after "Jamaica we have a bobsled team?" #sorrynotsorry that's stuck in your head now. I sing it about once a day. COOOOOOOL RUNNINGS
  3. What wine goes with xyz -- I have no good reason for this because I'm going to buy red anyways. "okay google, what wine goes with papa johns pizza?"
  4. Margaritas near me for obvious reasons. 
  5. How do you spell restaruant? restaraunt?rest-au-ruant? seriously I will never learn. I swear. 
Seriously though. I google some dumb things. I'm pretty sure I'm getting less intelligent... What do you google? I mean, after what happened to kasey at the bat?

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