The Never Ending Mattress Adventure

So, let me just preface this by saying I love my house.  It's adorable, it's super close to all of the things I want to be close to, I can walk to the Marietta Square. It's a great little house. Now, let me tell you about the never ending nightmare that has been getting a new bed for the master bedroom. 

Our cool, handmade, reclaimed wood bed.  
So, I originally had this cool bed with storage made out of recycled pallets. SUPER cool bed. It was a queen size though, and now that there are two of us, queen size isn't quite big enough. I'd also had the mattress forever and had bought it off of a friend. It was the firmest mattress I've ever slept on. We literally had an egg crate AND a down mattress topper and it still felt like sleeping on the ground. So we started researching new, king size, mattress options back in OCTOBER. 

Now, I'm a planner. If I'm making a big purchase, I like to know all of the information. Considering most of the king size beds started out OVER $1,000, I wanted to make sure we got a good deal but not something that would feel cheap. I also wanted one of those "sleep on this for 120 nights to make sure you love it!" guarantees. I read months worth of amazon reviews, hoping I could snag one of the less expensive "beds in a box" they have on there. At the time of my research, there were tons of reviews citing mold and hard to get in touch with customer service options. Then I priced out all the different "bed in a box" options. I was still wary, because I wanted to see one in person and lay on it before I shelled out a grand. 

Then we discovered that Mattress Firm carried one of the beds in a box, that we could lay on one there before ordering it AND got the 120 day guarantee AND they were running a sale where you got the king for the price of a queen. That made the nicer tier king size mattress well within our budget woohoo! We didn't spring for a box springs, because I had seen frames on the internet for less than $100, and thought maybe we could snag one of those instead. This was a mistake.

I went back to the millions of reviews on Amazon for one of the bed frames (by the way, that was a wild ride. I didn't expect to learn so much about the sex lives of strangers in product reviews, but I guess that is something you need to take into account when buying a bed frame. I learned that there are lots of different options when it comes to handcuffs and keeping metal frames from squeaking. It was just a ton of information.) I started to doubt my decision to not just buy a box spring, because the slats were supposed to be 3" or less apart for a memory foam mattress. (After worrying about all of this, I noticed that the slats on traditional box springs are not that close together either, so that's cool.) 

I ended up going back to Mattress Firm, but via the website, and ordering a frame they had as the one that should go with the mattress we bought. It was great, I had a coupon from Honey and saved 30%. The shipping was even free! That began a whole new adventure that I've been live tweeting since it started. Yes, since it started, because it still hasn't been delivered. It's allegedly on the FedEx truck for delivery today, but I'll believe that when I see it. I ordered it a week ago. I also ordered a new duvet cover from Target three days later, it shipped ground as well, but with UPS, and it was there the very next day. 

So. We've got the duvet, sheets, and mattress. We're just waiting on the bed frame. I went ahead and listed the old bed on Facebook, and we sold it relatively painlessly. Some of the people I dealt with were quite a nightmare, but the kid who ended up buying it got it for a song and hauled it off on Saturday. So we're currently sleeping in the guest bedroom, on a full size bed, because that's what fits on the cool antique bed frame I have in there. Sorry, all of my guests, I didn't realize how small that was for two people.

Yesterday, I decided it was as good a time as any to wash all of the new linens. While I was washing the new duvet and in the middle of some serious spring cleaning, I heard an awful lot of sloshing. I looked behind the washing machine to see that GALLONS of water are just overflowing from the drain pipe. (You can watch a video on my insta home highlights) Just a gigantic mess. I turned the washing machine off, (actually,  I only paused it, when I walked away it decided to start running again) and honestly had to stop everything I was doing. The duvet is still in the washing machine, the machine is about 2/3 full of water. It's great. 

This has gone on for quite some time, so I think I'll stop here. We're currently finding out what the problem is with the washing machine (oh and the dishwasher went out yesterday too. cool cool cool cool) and waiting to see if the bedframe is actually delivered. So I hope y'all stay tuned for part 2 of this adventure with us. Home Depot/Lowe's, if you're reading, I'd love to do some sponsored posts about your products..  Do you have any homeowner nightmares?

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