Friday Coffee Date

HAPPY FRIDAY! I haven't really talked about why I stopped blogging, but part of it was that I had some posts that did REALLY well, so I was worried that if it wasn't the next thing that it wasn't worth hitting publish on. I literally started struggling with that again the second I published about what I read in February. So to help with my self created writer's block, I'm doing a coffee date post!

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If we were having coffee..

I would be a little whine-y about the fact that almost all of the purple has washed out of my hair, I feel like the color washes out so fast. Why can't it stay purple longer? Has anyone tried any of those do it at home shampoos that make your hair fun colors? Tell me about it pretty please!

I would tell you ALL ABOUT the whole "new bed" debacle, from the crazy reviews on Amazon to the mattress in a box currently just hanging out in the living room (because it would be too easy for them both to arrive together.) Somehow, every aspect of our new bed arrives on different days. 

I would get entirely too excited over this fabric de-fuzzer that Chelsea wrote about the other day and how I have been defuzzing all of my Old Navy clothes to last so much longer. Also, I'd ask you if that makes me more of a grown up, since I'm excited about removing the fuzz from all of my cardigans. Just go ahead and check me into the retirement home.

I would ask if you've read anything great recently, I'm just about done with Rich People Problems and in the market for a new read. I did snag Katherine for Kindle when it came through on the "Kindle Daily Deals" email for $2.99 (ps, if you don't already subscribe to that one, I would definitely recommend it. It's not always stuff I want, but I've snagged a few of my "TBR" list off there for under $5 and that's always a win)

I would ask you for some Instagram inspiration. I haven't felt like I've done anything insta worthy since my birthday party. How do you keep your feed going? Do you have a folder of posts "to be grammed" when you don't have anything cool for that day? Have you bought in to any light room presets you swear are worth the money?  tell me more, tell me more, tell me more

What would you tell me if we were having coffee? 

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