Can of Corn: Baseballisms

I just watched Scandal so I have a really strong desire to start this off good morning lovers of liberty and I don't have a good reason for that. Anywhoodles. Today is the very first day of our Can of Corn Linkup + we are talking baseballisms. If you know anything about me, you know I'm a sucker for cheesy jokes, irony, and clever puns. BUT FIRST, some housekeeping.

Okie dokie! I'm just the co-host, P.J. is the brains behind the operation, so here are the rules guidelines for Can of Corn!
  • Write about baseball using the theme (or not) on the dates provided (or thereabout) from March-October. Just make it baseball!
  • Use the button in your post somewhere (at the end or whatever) and link back to me + P.J. 
  • Go to one of our blogs the day this comes up (or thereafter) and linkup! The linkup will be "live" for a week after the date.
  • Visit other blogs, read, comment, and make some new baseball pals!
  • Have a cold beer (because let's be real, anything I'm involved in involves a cold beer...)
Can of Corn 2016 - Dates
  • March 17: Your favorite baseballism (saying, quote, jargon etc.)
  • April 14: Best baseball memory
  • May 12: Favorite ballpark (minor or major)
  • June 16: The best promotion you’ve ever been to
  • July 14: Dream baseball road trip
  • August 18: A current rule you'd change
  • September 15: Favorite player of all time
  • October 20: Favorite tradition/superstitions

Can of Corn Challenge

OKAY now that that is out of the way let's do it to it. As I mentioned, I love a good cheesy joke, so naturally I love anything Yogi Berra said. Like "baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical" I'd have to say my favorite, at least at this exact moment in time, is Babe Ruth:

What is your favorite? 

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