May Highlights

You'll have to wait a little while longer to hear about all the books I read in May (it was a ton. Having the library app on my phone has turned me into a book monster...) I thought instead I'd talk about all the things I loved in May. I love the way Becca does her monthly recaps, so she's my inspiration for this post! (I mean this quite literally, I read hers and thought "oh I loved a lot of things in May also!


We caught THREE Braves games, sat in three completely different parts of the ballpark. We even got in line early enough for the giveaways at two games: new hats & bobbleheads, CHECK!  
We drank plenty of beer, with and without Albus. Jeff Francouer did a specialty brew at the Terrapin BrewLab and so we obviously had to try that. Also, RedHare released a summer 50/50 that you need to try. Don't forget the Naturday!
The pool is OFFICIALLY OPEN. You will be able to find me here all summer long. I'll be keeping the sunscreen industry in business and tearing through my library books while camped out under the umbrella. I am also going to up my collection of fun pool toys this year, I see a pizza slice float in my very near future. I got this float swimsuit from amazon! affiliate links 
We took a quick little girl's day trip up to Ott Family Vineyards -- sampled some wine, had some snacks, enjoyed the views. It wasn't a bad drive from Marietta at all, maybe 90 minutes if I had gone straight through (I stopped in Woodstock to pick up my mom & grandmother) They're currently adding some space to make it an even prettier backdrop for weddings, the place was huge & my first (hopefully of many) visits to a Georgia vineyard. We volunteered to help them harvest the grapes in September.....


We installed a new storm door on the house! We've been tackling tiny little home improvement projects, one weekend at a time. This door came with an "oops free installation guarantee!"and we only managed to install it backwards once... Albus looooves it because he can sit and keep an eye on all of the neighborhood cats hanging around to torment him. 

I took the doors off the Jeep for the first time, discovered they're much heavier than they should be, and putting them back on nearly put me over the edge. I used all of my favorite four letter words to help get them back on. I will have to reassess before I take them off again... I put them back on because I kept having dreams about a cat having kittens in the car. It's one of the many days I do wish we had a garage..

All in all, we had a very eventful May and June is shaping up to be even more eventful, if that's possible. We have game four of the Stanley Cup Finals tonight (let's go Blues!) and I have become a fully dedicated Blues fan in the last year or so. Plus we have a wedding, ALBUS TURNS THREE YEARS OLD, and we might even try to catch Bark in the Park. I am looooving summer, how about you? 

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