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It's the LAST DAY OF MAY. I'm not sure about y'all, but this has been the loooongest week for me. I always struggle with the shorter ones. It doesn't help that I did things on TWO school nights this week, with the whole Memorial Day/Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals on Monday, then we went to a Braves game AND had Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals on Wednesday. I am going to sleep all weekend.

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Here are some of my recent Amazon purchases that I've been loving!

THESE SHEETS - Lindsay recommended them after my coffee date post and holy. cow. we've only slept on them a few times, but they're so soft and they sleep so much cooler than our other ones. I'm absolutely going to be buying a new set to be our actual second set of sheets. 

THIS SWIMSUIT - The top is a little too big, but that's what happens when you have to order the top & bottom in the same size. It's also not so big to think the smaller size would have fit. HOWEVER. it's super cute and very much in my budget. 

THESE HAIRBRUSHES - I have zero explanation for why I've avoided the Wet Brush until now, but holy cow these are a game changer. My hair gets super tangled because I'm always riding with the windows down and top off and apparently a very fitful sleeper. These brushes don't yank at the tangles in my hair, they just gently work them out. It's amazing.

Also, back in December I swapped out my old Kindle for the Waterproof Paper White, which I've been carrying everywhere with me now that I don't have to worry about a spilled beer or someone doing a cannonball into the pool and destroying it. I haven't been brave enough to actually take it on a float with me yet, but I'm sure we'll get there this summer.

Also, I've been using these sweatproof, SkullCandy bluetooth headphones and my water proof speaker from JBL everywhere I go. Are we noticing a trend? I'm always on the water and worried about dropping things in it.

Have y'all come across any cool finds lately? I'm in the market for a new purse, and I think I want to go the backpack route. I'm worried about it looking like a diaper bag (even though I have almost bought a diaper bag several times because THEY HAVE THE BEST POCKETS) So send me any recommendations you have there! I literally carried the same cross body, fringe bag I bought at the Goodwill for 6 years, until it finally fell apart. So I'm apparently very bag loyal... 

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