My Favorite Dog Friendly Marietta Square Spots

I've seen a bunch of posts about "dog friendly spots in your neighborhood" and I don't feel like they're doing justice to all of the pup friendly places. So I've put together my own! Here are my favorite places to take Albus on the Marietta Square, in no particular order.

Marietta Pizza Company // this was our go-to for the longest time. It's the first (dog friendly) place we come to as we hit the Square. They sell by the slice all the time (not just at lunch, like a lot of pizza places) so it's super easy to walk up for a slice, salad, and a couple of beers. They have a ton of different options, their salad portions are big enough to share, the staff is great, I've honestly never had a bad experience there. Fun fact: they also deliver and the day I bought my house, we had moved in the mattress and box springs (just set straight on the floor) and like, four lawn chairs. We had no food, but plenty of booze in the fridge, so we called up to order pizza. Apparently we sounded like we needed sustenance because the kid who delivered our bacon pizza also brought us a giant handful of saltine crackers. There are pictures of this somewhere, I just can't find them. ANYWAYS. I love the Pizza Company, they have a good mix of local brews, unique brews, and your run of the mill beers too. Something for everyone!

Hemmingway's // Hemmingway's has a really cool patio situation, it's set up in the alley between their block of the Square and the next block. The vibe here is very laid back, they have live music on the weekends, and you have to go down into a kind of scary, but really cool basement to use the restroom. One time, we had Albus with us, and the kid at the table next to us was TERRIFIED. His mom explained that he was scared of dogs. So I had Albus come sit on the other side, but when the kid saw how calm Albus was, he gradually warmed up to him, and by the end of the night was tossing him treats for high fives. I still consider this one of my greatest accomplishments.

WR Social House // TRY THE FRIED GREEN TOMATOES. TRUST ME. I am a big fan of the Social House. They've recently come under new ownership, but have kept roughly the same menu. Their bartenders are really creative and come up with some cool cocktails. The last time I was there, I had a cucumber infused vodka water, y'all it was so good and refreshing. ALSO, they have giant umbrellas on their patio, so it's very easy to anchor the dog's leash. This is a thing I'm *always* looking for in a dog friendly place, because they're rarely allowed to come inside.

Their Saturday brunch menu is fantastic, over the holidays they did the whole Christmas themed inside and made this monkey bread that was INCREDIBLE. Plus, they have mimosa & bloody mary specials.

Taqueria Tsunami // They've been working on the sidewalks around the Square, and recently re-did the one in front of Tsunami, I haven't been since then, but even before it was awesome. Taqueria Tsunami does an Asian/Mexican fusion, and their menu is great. I love the edamame, their margarita selection, and the fact that I can get tater tots with queso as a side, because I have the pallet of an 8-year-old. Fun story: once I was there with some friends and actually ordered the exact same thing as their daughter, who was in second grade at the time. #OnBrand

Their patio wraps around the side of the building, but on Tuesdays in the summer, the Australian Bakery next door "hosts" a bluegrass jam session. Which is exactly what it sounds like, a bunch of bluegrass musicians out on the patio just jamming. Usually when people snag one of these patio tables on bluegrass night, they stay for a while.
albus and little bear at glover park brewery

Glover Park Brewery // If you didn't see this one coming, you clearly don't follow me (or Albus) on instagram. This place opened up in September of 2018, so it's still relatively new and growing. They have a huuuuge back patio with several sturdy tables to anchor the pups to. They have different food trucks every night, music on Fridays, and a jazz jam session on Sundays. On Wednesdays they have Singo! We haven't won yet, but I'm pretty sure if I just keep going that we will, statistically, win.

They're closed on Mondays & Tuesdays, but open the rest of the week. They even have their own dogs at the brewery instagram. If you're ever on the Square and looking to grab a beer, Albus & I will ALWAYS walk up to meet you.
albus tries to drink my beer at Johnnie MacCracken's

Johnnie MacCracken's // Before Glover Park opened, this was our go-to beer drinking with the pup location. They pride themselves on being a dive bar, so you have to expect the dive bar things with this place, they're very authentic. They have two sides, one is non-smoking and kid friendly, the patio on the sidewalk is all part of this. There are rails to tie the pups to up there. There's also a beer garden out behind the bar, but it's on the smoking allowed, 21+ side. Their menu is good, Irish Pub food, and they have a VERY extensive beer list.

I do want to warn you, that in addition to the whole smoking allowed side, they're very favorable to their regulars. It gets pretty wild on Friday and Saturday nights, but it's a great little beer garden in the afternoon.
albus goes to see the marietta square market trolley car

Marietta Square Market // Dogs are only allowed on the patio here, which is normally a "duh" thing but, since it's a food hall sort of place, I feel like maybe I need to say that first. It's a place where you'll need two humans so that someone can go in and get the food. However, the food here is awesome. I am a little biased, since my boyfriend is the kitchen manager for Forno Vero. You should definitely go see him, try the crostini, they're amazing. They also have the anchor bar, so you should pop by for a cocktail or two. Their cocktails are well thought out and really tasty.

I've had a little bit of every place in there, and I recommend you do the same thing. You can get everything from burgers to lobster rolls to crepes to Thai street food. It's so good you guys.

Cool Beans Coffee Roasters // I love Cool Beans. These folks love coffee. They travel the world to bring you the best coffee beans, and they don't make you feel like an idiot if you don't know what you want. It's affordable, always smells divine, and they have this huuuge patio space out back. It backs up to Hemmingway's and the Marietta Welcome Center/Museum. PLUS your dogs are allowed to go INSIDE.

I'm thinking of continuing this series, maybe doing individual posts on our extra favorites *cough* breweries *cough* Would y'all be into something like that? I'm obviously going to call the series "Can I Bring Albus?" so that when I write my memoir, I have an outline for it...

Have you been to any of my favorite haunts? Also, do you have any tips for taking pictures of a black dog? Poor guy always blends into the background.

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