Can I Bring Albus? - Red Hare Brewing Company

I had so much fun rounding up my favorite dog friendly PATIOS on the Marietta Square (I emphasized patios because the City of Marietta shared my post (!!!!) and some guy commented "It's a great list and all, but you forgot Bark Street Petopia! It's the best place for dogs" It's true, I did leave them off, because you could clearly tell the list was my favorite human places that Albus gets to come along to. Bark Street is a boutique pet store. Anywhoodles) Without further ado, let's get down to the first edition of Can I Bring Albus? -- Red Hare Brewing Company
dog in front of red hare rabbit logo on bar
I have been a fan of Red Hare for years, and not just because it's super close to my house. They have a cool little spot towards the back of an industrial park, right across the street from a Mayfield Dairy, complete with a giant cow. Red Hare has an ever growing beer selection, my current favorite is the SPF 50/50 Lemon Lime - soo tasty and refreshing, and very light. The 50/50 is described as "A light, refreshing blend of IPA and lemon & lime juice. Sweet citrus zest mingles perfectly with citrusy hop notes." on Untappd  (PS, anyone else on Untappd? I freaking love that app, because I'm a beer nerd. We should be friends if you are! I'm always looking for a new brew)
pint glass of Red Hare's SPF 50/50 Lemon Lime Beer
They've been working on the patio out there, every time I've been there's been something new. There's a lot of space, plenty of shade, seating gets tight on busier nights, but you can usually snag a chair. They have a court for horse shoes and corn hole too! Dogs are allowed both on the patio AND inside the taproom. Last time we were there, the bartender tried to get Albus to jump up like he was ordering a beer himself, but he absolutely refused and just showed her all of his other tricks instead. Silly little nugget. She had a secret stash of puppy treats, they have water bowls available if you don't bring your own, and they have a poop bag dispenser in case you accidentally run out and there's a smelly situation. (Running out of poop bags is a legitimate fear of mine, I keep an extra roll stashed away everywhere)
Albus, a black lab, stares thoughtfully into the distance
Red Hare is kid friendly, they even have a root beer on tap, so I would keep that in mind if your pup is a little hesitant around the tiny humans. Albus loves them so I only get a little stressed out if there are a bunch of unsupervised ones running around. Red Hare is a brewery you've intended to go to, like there's not really anything else close, so you have fewer kids than say Glover Park where you can walk there from a lot of other kid friendly places. They are closed on Monday, something I forget pretty regularly and try to swing by for some brews to be disappointed. 

Have you been to Red Hare? What are your thoughts? Want to go tonight? Where should we go next on Can I Bring Albus

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