Can I Bring Albus: Variant Brewery & Roux on Canton

We've decided it's also our mission to try all of the breweries. Just all of them. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it! This brings us to our next installment of "Can I Bring Albus?" Last Wednesday we went to Variant Brewing over in Roswell then we explored a little bit and popped into Roux on Canton for dinner. It's a cute little place and it was a new one to us!

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We immediately spotted other pups the second we walked in, the patio was great and spacious! We learned from one of the guys working, that they technically have a kitchen (used for roasting coconuts for one of their brews) so dogs are not allowed inside. They do have lots of dog treats and a cool water dispenser like you see at the airport fill up your pup's bowl (or they have some there if you don't have a cool collapsible one like this) & your own water glass. I really love the water thing, and honestly I think everyone should have them that way we can cut back on plastic bottles. 
Some high top tables and chairs in front of the logo for Variant Brewing painted on the wall
ANYWAYS. Great big spacious patio with heavy picnic tables that you can tie your pup to. Even when we have two humans, we always tie him down. The combination of his harness & 5' leash gives him room to explore but not escape. The parking is a bit limited, but it seems like that's a whole downtown Roswell thing, not any business in particular. It all seems very walkable if you end up parking downtown or somewhere else, but this was our first trip to Roswell.... Since we were there on a Wednesday, we didn't have any trouble finding parking. 

Kasey and Albus smile for the camera on the patio at Variant Brewing
We had a couple of beers, which were all very tasty. 5 stars all around on Untappd. The bar staff was super friendly and knowledgeable (at one point I ordered "your darkest and maltiest beer" and they didn't hesitate to pour us one.) They were also super laid back, again it's a Wednesday so probably not the busiest night, and they took time to talk to you outside while they were clearing glasses from outside. 
Albus licks his lips thinking that the delicious treats are being brought for him (they're not)

After a couple rounds of beer, we made our way into the downtown area for dinner. We decided on Roux on Canton and even got to sit at a special seeming table where Albus made sure to get pets from literally every person walking by on the sidewalk. Roux is a cute little southern restaurant with a great beer and cocktail list. We had "The Dip" which was incredible, then Meatloaf and a Cuban sandwich and topped it off with some Beginets and oh my goodness was it delicious.
Two cocktails (an old fashioned and a moscow mule) sitting on the table
That's it for this installation of Can I Bring Albus? Do you have any suggestions for where we should go next? What's your favorite Atlanta brewery? Should we bump it up over our next one?

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