I Take It Personally When You Don't Give Me The Jeep Wave

A lot of things have happened lately, the most monumental of which being that my poor little Liberty had it's last run. That means that with all of my planning, I ended up buying a new car a year before I meant to. You know what they say about life and making plans. It's all been very stressful and I still have panic moments about it. But Kasey! You bought a house! That's a bigger investment! That is true, but when I bought my house I was making a rent payment anyways. A mortgage was going to be cheaper than rent! I was closer to work! My dad said when they put the paperwork in front of me, he thought I was going to puke on the poor kid selling me the car. 

ALL THE STRESS AND DRAMA ASIDE, I am finally a Jeep Wrangler owner. I forsee all of my disposable income going into this car. GUYS. I haven't even named her yet (I'm thinking this one is a lady.) All of my cars have been named after Beatles songs, my first car was Lucy, second Sadie, and most recently, Jude the Jeep Liberty. I think I really might have wasted Jude on the Liberty, but I looooved that car and drove it until the AC went out. So, baby Jeep to be named later. 

Now, I've wanted a Wrangler since my first Barbie Jeep. So I've done every bit of research you could possibly do. One of the things I was really excited about was the "Jeep Wave" Now, I am the new kid. I'm 6 days in and I haven't even been able to get it muddy yet, but I take it very personally when I don't get a wave back. 

Now, I know maybe people aren't paying attention or don't see me or are really into the Serial podcast they're listening to on their way to work, but come on guys. I can always tell the real Jeep people from the ones who bought it because it's a cool car. The ones who would NEVER get it muddy and will probably never take the top off. 

I love my new baby, so I'm sure we will have many crazy Jeep lady posts to come. What do you think I should name her? 

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