Post Season Coma

The season officially ended for us on Sunday. Sunday was an incredibly long and exhausting day. I don't think I was in bed until high near 4 o'clock in the morning. Since then, it's been incredibly surreal. Like time has almost stopped. There are so many hours in the day that I've forgotten about. There's so much time to get things done.

That being said, I've really accomplished absolutely nothing. I read all of The Help

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As well as at least like 24 additional hours of sleeping. Now I'm stir crazy because I haven't really had any human interaction in over 48 hours. It's kind of killing me.

The boy left at 2am today for Costa Rica, I won't be seeing him again until October. This is going to be a really long month. I'm ready for the 24th though, when we go to Phoenix. I'm super excited for the Phoenix road trip. I'm even more excited for Thanksgiving, when I get to go home and see family and then go to Atlanta to see my boys whoop up some pathetic Georgia Tech football team. So bring it on September, October, and November!

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