Show Us Your Books: What I Read in September

Full disclosure: I'm currently writing this while not paying attention to a zoom call that I apparently misunderstood the content of. I don't do a lot of zoom stuff for my full time job, just my real estate stuff, and so I haven't been on a call like this in a while and lord do I not envy a single one of y'all that has to do this regularly. In the before times this meeting would have at least come with snacks. SO here's what I've been reading lately. This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click through one of these links and make a purchase I will earn a small commission. 

The Warmth of Other Suns : When everyone was making the Anti-Racism Reading Lists, I wanted to make sure I wasn't getting perspective of other white people. I can safely tell you that I did not learn anything about the Great Migration when I was in school. It was smoothly glossed over. This book is FIRST PERSON stories. It was so cool, I learned so much, and it broke my heart. 

Caraval : After I had a whole ~moment~ about the Discovery Of Witches series, someone recommended this tribology to me, and as you can see below, I tore through it too. I think it took me one weekend. Hello, my name is Kasey, and I have no self control. Anyways, this trilogy is set in a land of magic and I don't know if I could explain it if I wanted to without giving away some things. But it's the tale of two sisters as they make their way through said world of magic. It's very good and honestly keeps you guessing until the very end, which leaves us with a cliffhanger into the second one!

Legendary : This is the second of this trilogy, it's set obviously after the end of the first one (wow, hire me to write all of your book reviews y'all) but you have a base understanding of the world as the sisters get deeper into it. They've learned their mom has a connection to this world aside from the little bit they knew. This one is told more from the perspective of the other sister. Feels very much like a middle novel, if you will? Like there are a lot of storylines that aren't dropped or completed but you know there's a third book so you're not worried?

Finale: This one is aptly named. There are A LOT of moving parts and it's told by BOTH sisters. I don't know if I could pick a favorite of the three, because unlike some multi book series, this one almost felt like it could have been one, very long, book? (Kasey, do you think maybe that's because you read all three of them in one weekend?) If you're a fan of magic and action and light fantasy, I think you'll enjoy this series. I know I did. 

The Paris Hours: The ending of this book made me very mad. Mad isn't the right word. But if you've read it, maybe you can sympathize with me. It has that vibe of like. Love Actually? or those movies in the early 2000s where there are like 10 characters and their stories seem disconnected then they're all at some kid's Christmas play. It was very good story telling, I just have FEELIGNS about the end. 

Between the World and Me: I read The Water Dancer sometime either earlier this year or last year (tbh I don't know what time means anymore) and I really liked the writing style so I wanted to see other things written by Ta-Nehisi Coates. This book is written in the form of letters to his son and just, the way he speaks to him both warmed and broke my heart. It also felt very... intimate? Almost like I was snooping in someone's mail or something. Also, there's a part where he talks about a trip to Paris and it made me cry more than it should have because he so acutely describes travel and what I miss about it. 

Life According to Steph
Currently. I'm reading The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, which I will almost certainly finish over the rainy weekend, but like I said, I'm writing this mid zoom call I'm not paying attention to, so it'll have to be in my November SUYB. What are you reading? What have I missed? How have you been? 

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