What I Read In January!

"I'm going to try to blog about things other than what books I read" - me, in December. Me through the entire month of January: I am exhausted. I have the SADs real bad. I always struggle a little more in the winter than summer months, but this winter has been tough. I've been taking a lot of things personally and essentially hibernating because I don't want to deal with it. So, rough month for mental health, but I did get a lot of reading done! If you missed what I read in December, you can catch that here. Linking up with Steph & Jana for Show Us Your Books!

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A kindle book with the title page for Death on The Nile by Agatha Christie with a cup of coffee next to it.

The ABC Murders: Again, another month with lots of Poirot novels. I regret nothing. I've started looking for Agatha Christie novels in used bookstores. I'm turning into a monster. I love it because I have yet to figure out the murderer. Cannot get enough. Highly recommend all of them.

Cards On The Table: This Poirot novel taught me about Bridge. A card game I didn't realize I might be interested in until reading about people playing cards. I think, aside from never being able to guess the murderer, I also love how quick these reads are. I can never put them down. 

Where the Crawdads Sing: I'd had this on library holds forever. To the point where I thought maybe I wouldn't ever get it or it wouldn't be as good as everyone said. I enjoyed this one, the main character really broke my heart. I saw someone on instagram say it was unreasonable that they were always going to Asheville instead of like. Charlotte or Raleigh. and I agree. I don't know anything about the history of North Carolina but I do know where Asheville is in relation to the coast. Anyways, this was a good one, kind of stressful, gets a little slow but not so slow you're like "ugh will this ever end?" just slow enough where you're like "okay I don't feel bad stopping after this chapter."

Murder in Mesopotamia: Poirot strikes again! I feel like I'm not giving good reviews of these because I love them all for the same reasons. There's different characters and new things I learn in each of them but like, again, baseline: I love that I can't guess the murderer and that I can breeeeze through them. 

Death on the Nile: I read this entire book during the Show Us Your Books Readathon and I regret ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I liked that I technically had an excuse to read all day and not feel guilty or like I was avoiding dealing with something (reader, I was avoiding some things.) I even won one of the prizes for playing along, and I never win things! Anyways, this one is on a boat (obviously) and made me want to go on a river cruise up the Nile. I didn't guess the murderer but this time it was because they worked so hard to make me believe it wasn't who I thought it was! (maybe I have an Agatha Christie addiction forming)

The Last Town on Earth: I found this one from this linkup! It's a part of American history I didn't really know much about. I feel like I should remember the Spanish Influenza outbreak, but I really don't think we studied it. This one made me cry and feel all sorts of things for the main character. The author kind of lost my attention for a little bit, but I wanted to know how it all ended. I realize that I didn't give any stars up until this point,  but I give this one 4. Maybe 4.5. It was an interesting story and like, timed well with the whole flu situation going on now.

That's it! That's everything I read in January! I've set my goodreads goal at 50 this year, so hopefully I can keep this pace up. I've been trying to read a chapter or two every morning instead of mindlessly scrolling through twitter, because man is twitter making me feel tired all the time. Now I'm currently reading The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek, which I learned about when I found out a bigger name author had basically stolen her premise and work! 

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