Can I Bring Albus? Wade's Fine Eatery And Good Time Emporium

Welcome to another exciting installment of Can I Bring Albus? Where we go to fun places we'd like to try that are dog friendly and blog about it! Today we're talking about a restaurant that we're trying our hardest to become regulars at: Wade's Fine Eatery and Good Time Emporium. If that name doesn't make you wan to try this place, I'll have you convinced by the end of this post. 

This is not a sponsored post, but it does contain affiliate links. If you would like to give us free food or drinks at your dog friendly establishment, we'd gladly accept that offer. 

We discovered Wade's after another afternoon of "I don't know, where do you want to go?" We were roped in by the catchy name and the fact that we could, in fact, bring Albus. Another winner, for those of you from the St. Louis area, Wade's has several dishes that feature Provel cheese. Provel cheese is the cheese used by Imo's Pizza and it's delicious. It's smokey and smooth and just trust me, it's delicious. 

Wade's has a huge dining area, both inside and on the patio. The bar has those cool garage doors that roll up so you can sit inside at the bar or outside at the bar. There are a bunch of patio tables under cover, then out in the open patio, are a bunch of picnic tables with umbrellas. It's also right off a walking path (I am not that familiar with Smyrna yet, so I don't know where that path goes) and a big green space next door.

They have a draft menu that features several local beers, as well as your normal domestics. Their cocktail menu is also fantastic. They have several "hand crafted cocktails" and I honestly haven't tried on I haven't liked. I've been on a French 75 kick lately, because who can say no to gin and champagne? Not me. 
They have pretzels on the menu, which is another easy way to lure me in, especially when everything on the menu has a clever name. The pretzels are called "Knot at This Juncture" and they come with this really tasty beer honey mustard and, you guessed it, Provel cheese. We've also had the Tuna Poke appetizer, which has cilantro on it. For my fellow "cilantro tastes like soap" people, I thought y'all would like a heads up, since this isn't a dish that usually features it.

They also have really, really good salads. On the menu it says "Is it healthy? Of course, it's a salad" The first time we went, I had a grilled cheese with tomato soup and a side of their Hail Nero salad, so yummy. I'm apparently a fan of kale, who woulda thought that? We've also had the Little Miss Sunshine, which was also delicious. Honestly, it sounds like I'm blowing smoke, but I haven't had anything that I haven't loved. 
The outdoor patio is a mix of picnic tables and your normal outdoor patio furniture, they have a handful of TVs out there so you can catch your favorite game. It's also super kid friendly, which isn't always ideal for me personally, because loosely supervised kids around my dog make me nervous, but they have games that you can grab to play with your kids, and that giant green space where there are always kids running around playing too!

I realize I've been going on and on about this place, but we freaking love Wade's, we're well on our way to becoming regulars, we were even recognized the last time we were there... Not that I'm bragging or anything.... Let me know if y'all wanna go, because I am always down. That's it for this installment of Can I Bring Albus? I'm worried that we're going to go straight to winter and it will be too cold to do any patio sitting. I'm not ready to do all of my eating and drinking inside yet. Do you have a place you just love to go? Somewhere that will always hit the spot?

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