Can I Bring Albus: East Palisades Indian Trail (Dog Beach!!)

Welcome back to another edition of Can I Bring Albus? Today we're talking about the dog beach on the Chattahoochee and that dog dad we made very mad the first time we went! If you're new to Can I Bring Albus? I made a designated page where I'll update our adventures by location. We're also always looking for new places to take him, so please send us any and all recommendations! So! Back to the dog beach

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Albus, a black lab, sits in the seemingly still waters of the Chattahooche river with a very scenic background of lush greenery and expanse of river
So, we've been to the dog beach twice now! It took that many trips for me to realize that there are two different "trails" you can take to get there. Both times we've gone, and probably all of the times we'll go in the future, we've taken the East Palisades Indian Trail. It's just under a mile hike down to the river, so Albus and I both get a workout in. It isn't that hard of a hike in, because it's downhill, but on the way back up it's a little tougher. So almost like a reverse hike.

Albus and his cousin Sydney sit remarkably still in front of the trailhead sign for the East Palisades Indian trail, waiting for treats please.
You basically drive through a neighborhood to get to the trail head, make sure when you get to the park you drive all the way to the end to the actual parking lot. There are lots of little gravel places that look like parking spots, but you will get a ticket from the park ranger. Parking is $5 and you have to put either cash or a check in an envelope. There is no one to take any form of plastic though, so don't forget your paper money! 

Albus leaps through the river waters with a couple of other dogs, he's stolen someone's tennis ball.
You'll hear the dog beach before you see it, Albus always gets excited at the first sight of the river, but that's never where we're stopping. Dogs are allowed to be off-leash here! Which is great! Make sure you're comfortable with that, that you'r dog is comfortable around other dogs, and that you don't bring your good ball to the dog beach. Albus, like many other dogs I've met in off leash situations, doesn't care who that ball belongs to, if one is being thrown, he's chasing it. However, he's not the best retriever, so if someone else throws a ball, he's going to drop the one he has and go after the other one. OR he's going to try to get two, three balls in his mouth. Three is his record so far. 

Albus is pouting because Mom said it was time to leave, he did not want to leave, he was having too much fun.
Our first time at the dog beach, he snagged someone's good Chuckit ball. The dog the ball was thrown for could not have cared less to chase it, but Albus obviously did. We have those balls at home so how is he supposed to know? I rescued the ball from the river three times for this man, who kept throwing the ball but got more mad every time Albus would chase it. I apologized the first time, but bro, if your dog isn't chasing it and you want to keep it, maybe stop throwing it. The more mad this man got, the less I was motivated to get up to my shorts in the water trying to get it back from Albus. I'm more of a "take a ratty old tennis ball in the diaper bag" girl, so if we lose it, it's really okay. This man was SO mad at us. So I guess we weren't at the dog beach to make friends that day. 

Albus standing in the river, waiting again for the ball to be thrown, this time the text "Can I Bring Albus? East Palisades Indian Trail & Dog Beach are above him

The hike back to the parking lot is a little more of a challenge, you get spoiled coming down the hill and then you play in the river, and THEN you have to go back up the hill. I wear my Teva sandals on this hike, so I can get down in the river with Albus and not worry about my shoes getting wet. This trail is also how I learned I am not a Chaco girl. I highly recommend this dog beach, and if you're going, let me know and we'll meet you there! I have a few more Can I Bring Albus? posts coming up, but we're always looking for suggestions! Where should we go next? Have you been to a dog beach?

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