Adventures of Albus!

I am so pumped for the weather to get better because that means oh-so-many more walks with everyone's favorite little monster. Last year, they opened a new pedestrian bridge that connected my house with the Marietta Square, it's a quick little almost a mile walk down to all of our favorite places. If you follow me on instagram you'll know that we basically live at the Glover Park Brewery
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My mom makes fun of me, because she says I have a diaper bag for when we go on our little walks. It's true though, I have this cute little kavu bag that I bought a few years ago for when we went on hiking adventures, but now it's my go to when we're walking for fun too. I can pack a couple of bags of treats, a spare roll of poop bags, my wallet, a house key, and whatever other things I need to take with me on the walk. I haven't bought a bag of treats since I signed Albus up for the BarkBox - since he gets two full sized bags of treats in the box, that's usually how many bags we need to get through a month. 

I also have a post saved in my drafts about whether or not I'm sure my dog needed a certain kind of collar. Albus used to have one of the prong collars, because it was the only thing that gave me full control over him AND allowed for an even correction. He's always been stronger than me and we were really concerned about his safety and my rotator cuff... I used to get VERY defensive about it to the people who felt like they knew better than me and my trainer. I can't imagine what it's like to be the mom of a human child if so many people feel like they can comment on what's up with my pup.

We had worked with the trainer and had developed a plan to move from that back to the harness, and that's what we're slowly transitioning to now! Albus has finally learned not to drag me and will almost stay within the leash's length of me. We've literally been working on this for almost his entire life. We use the Pet-Safe Easy Walk harness which works great. It's a little too big on him, but the smaller size was too small. I know he's almost three, but I figure he'll probably grow into it. 

Since the last Albus post, we have taught him to bark when you say "Albus, say GO DAWGS!" which is my favorite trick and I show EVERYONE we meet that trick. He also has a doggy fitbit. I'm serious. We switched to Banfield for vet services and they're doing some kind of case study with the people at Whistle Labs -- they gave it to us for free as long as we keep up with our annual appointments and Albus wears it on his collar every day. It's actually a really cool little tracker, I can tell that making sure he hits his "activity" goal makes him better behaved. This isn't even a sales pitch and that link to Whistle is just a link to their website, it's just a cool thing that we have to play with now. I don't know if I would have ever bough my dog a fitness tracker, but now I'm glad I have one. haha

So, if you're not following along, you can follow Albus on his very own instagram account (still waiting for the day he starts getting free food and bandannas...) He's a very social little guy who thinks he's the bouncer for any place we go. "You must pet the pup before entering this place" We will be going on so many more adventures this summer, so stay tuned! Do you have any funny puppy stories? Please tell me all of your funny puppy stories (heavy on the destructive or not letting you sleep through the night phases because I have puppy fever right now.)

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