December Me, Myself, & I

1) What was your favorite gift given to you as a child? 
Hands down my American Girl Doll, Molly

2) Christmas is almost here, what is that one Christmas song you could listen to on repeat?
Hanson. Absolutely Hanson

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Hanson on Grooveshark

3) What are a few items on your Christmas List this year?
Michael Kors watch
Work Clothes
A new TV
Cinderella on DVD...

4) Do you & your family have any special traditions? 
Every Christmas Eve we have a big family party, this year we've added a tacky sweater competition to it, and then we go back to the house and pile up with the babies to wait for Santa!

5) Which do you prefer, gift bags or wrapping paper?
Wrapping paper with big, gigantic bows, and glitter.


  1. Go Tacky Christmas sweaters...I am sure ya'll will have lots of fun with that. Big bows are so pretty and I am a lover of all things glitter. Thanks for following.

    1. Thanks for following me too! I am definitely a connoisseur of tacky sweaters, I have relatives coming to me to borrow them!