What's [p]Inspiring Me Lately

I know. I'm the worst. Here you go:

Actually. I think I'm just going to elaborate on this one, how's that for something new?

Today a nice gentleman gave me a free drink with my lunch because I had such a big smile on my face for a Monday. I didn't even realize that I was smiling (which should come at no surprise to anyone who has been around me when I'm hungry - ha). He told me it brightened his day. He's not the first person to say that to me lately - and it generally makes me smile a little bigger.

I've had a lot going on - and I thought it was bringing me down - but hearing someone I've never met say something along the lines of "you brightened my day today" or "I wish I could be that happy" really makes all the difference. Once I realized that taking the positive of each day & focusing on that could change the entire course of the day - I latched onto it. I've been working on that since, and I don't plan on stopping.

Today, for example, started off with a phone call that put me in a good mood. I was then productive with the rest of my morning until now regardless of the snares and setbacks I've run into just today. Regardless of the negative energy in this small work space, regardless of anyone being rude or cutting me off on the way to work, today is a good day.

So, everyone, smile at a stranger today! You'll never know the impact that small act has on someone else's day.

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