Don't Be an Ass.

Okay. So I'm in love with my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Recently, a little bit of homage to My Drunk Kitchen caused me to leave the flat beater on instead of storing it separately. Slight mental lapse, now I can't get it off. Odds are something is in there and I just need a solid afternoon of trying to loosen whatever has it stuck. 

Obviously, with it being the 21st century, my first impulse was to google a solution. So I find a website where I see tons of other people have had this SAME problem, awesome. I find one that's a surefire, if I have time to get Wesson Oil, which, who knows. Then, THEN I see this asshole: 

Yes. He did COPY AND PASTE THE INSTRUCTIONS from the Kitchen Aid Manual. HAVE MERCY. I never would have thought to look there on how to get the damn thing off. What on earth would silly women like us do without this guy? Honestly. That's really all I have for y'all. Happy pay day!!

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